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WWS Perl Protector

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The Web Wap Studio Perl Protector allows you to encrypt your Perl source code & Perl Modules making its very difficult to modify or steal.
Easily encrypt your Perl source code and don't let thief stole your valuable code.
The encrypted code comes as an archive file in tar.gz or self-extracting archive format. It needs to be extracted to any directory you like. Optionally one can set default values for the site-specific options in the configuration file, however most people won't need to change the defaults.

  • Unix or Windows platforms;
  • Unlimited file size;
  • Set expiry time * Good for making shareware scripts;
  • Set URL where you want your customers to be forwarded once the encrypted scripts is expired;
  • Set domain name where you only want your scripts to run, your script will not RUN if users wanted to run your scripts in test.com where as you give free.com it will only run on the domain name you define while;
  • Allows Encode script with its modules * UNLIMITED verision only.
  • Perl 5.x
  •  Price:
  • Free
  • $ 0.10 per encoded script
  • $ 49.95
  • Free / Buy from 2CO

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